Air conditioners ‘to become one of top power demand drivers by 2050’

The International Energy Agency (IEA) stresses the urgent need for policy action to improve cooling efficiency

Carbon emissions cool off with Unilever partnership

The liquid nitrogen-based engine proved to be cheaper, quieter and greener than equivalent diesel versions

Dairy cows enjoy air-con luxury in Qatar’s desert

Dairy cows are the unlikely inhabitants of huge air-conditioned sheds in the deserts of Qatar. A dairy business is aiming to provide the country’s milk after trade boycotts from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut off its supply. Baladna Farm, located about 55 kilometres from the capital city of Doha, uses the […]

Bitcoin energy consumption ‘could exceed US by 2019’

  As Bitcoin soars in popularity, it uses increasingly large amounts of power – its consumption has soared by 30% in the last month alone. If usage continues to grow at this rate, the network could surpass the power consumption of the USA by mid-2019 and the whole world by early 2020. That’s the suggestion […]

Sainsbury’s takes pole position for sustainability

  Sainsbury’s is introducing Formula 1 inspired technology across the refrigerated aisles of its entire estate to slash energy consumption by up to 15%. By working with the Williams F1 team to install the aerofoils, the supermarket expects to see energy reductions of 44 million kWh every year, equivalent to boiling 320 million kettles. Whilst […]

Government plans support programme for industrial heat recovery

The UK Government is planning to introduce a support programme to increase industry confidence in identifying and investing in industrial heat recovery. It has launched a consultation on its proposals aimed at overcoming barriers to recover and reuse waste heat and increase deployment of recoverable heat technologies. Waste heat can be used in a number […]

US energy emissions to fall in 2017 but rise next year

The US is expected to see a fall in energy-related carbon dioxide emissions this year, continuing the trend seen in 2015 and 2016. However, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts a 2.2% increase next year, with weather being a key factor. Its report suggests by the end of 2017, annual heating degree days are expected […]

Cooling off on emissions ‘to cut temperature by 1°C’

Cutting 87% of the climate change pollutants found in air-conditioners could eliminate 89.7 billion tonnes of emissions by 2050. That’s according to new research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, which suggests improving the efficiency of refrigeration units and phasing out fluorinated gases used for cooling could reduce global warming by as much […]

Data centre cools off with quiet, efficient fans

A low noise, high efficiency fan system has been installed at a data centre in Germany. Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand RC, has supplied the units to cool the proRZ facility in Munich. proRZ helps plan and develop data centres for other businesses – this one is owned by the […]

New tool reveals district heating potential in Europe

A new tool to help EU countries become more energy efficient in heating and cooling buildings has been launched. The Pan-European Thermal Atlas (Peta4) is an online map (pictured) that shows the demand and supply of heating and cooling in 14 countries across Europe. Governments and local authorities will be able to use the information […]