Interfaith communities fast at COP22 to raise climate awareness

Multiple religions fasted together at COP22 in Marrakech to raise awareness for those most at risk from climate change. The event, which was organised by the ‘Fast for the Climate’ group, included the two largest faith charities in the UK, Islamic Relief UK and Christian Aid, alongside many others. As the latest UN climate conference […]

CCS needs to play a ‘larger role in climate efforts’

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) needs to play a larger role in reducing global emissions. The Global CCS Institute’s new report outlines the technology’s significant successes in the last year but emphasises it needs to see much larger uptake if the 2°C Paris Agreement target is to be achieved. It states there are currently 38 major CCS […]

Don’t abandon Paris climate pact, major businesses tell Trump

Ben & Jerry’s, L’Oreal USA, Nike, The North Face and Vans are among major US organisations urging Donald Trump to back the Paris climate deal. The call from more than 350 businesses comes as the President-elect has previously called global warming a “hoax” and threatened to ditch the landmark agreement, which came into force earlier this […]

Global green movement ‘is happening but too slowly’

Global climate change performances are improving but the transition is happening too slowly. The latest Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) of 58 nations shows many industrialised countries’ sustainable efforts are slowing as a result of poor policies holding them back despite conditions for the “green energy revolution” having never been better. In contrast, the report suggests […]

Global carbon emissions remain flat for third year in a row

Global carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels did not grow in 2015. The main reason of that was due to a declining consumption of coal in China, according to a study by researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the Global Carbon Project launched at COP22. It shows emissions growth remained below 1% […]

Faith leaders call on sovereign wealth funds to divest from fossil fuels

Leaders from global faith groups are calling on sovereign wealth and pension funds to end their investments in fossil fuels. In a statement launched at COP22 in Morocco, they urge them to increase investments in renewables in line with the Paris Agreement which came into force last week. Leaders from different religions, including His Holiness […]

Global Climate Action Agenda launched at COP22

A new programme to accelerate climate action between governments, cities, business, investors and citizens has been launched at COP22. It will also help vulnerable nations adapt to climate impacts and build their own clean energy and sustainable futures. The Global Climate Action Agenda, which is the successor to the Lima-Paris Action programme, is an important […]

UN urges 25% more emissions cut than Paris deal

The UN has urged governments to take immediate actions to cut a further 25% from predicted 2030 emissions to meet the 1.5°C target set in the Paris Agreement. In a report, it said the world is still heading for a temperature rise of 2.9°C to 3.4°C this century, even with the pledges made in Paris […]

Energy minister: UK will ratify Paris climate deal ‘as quickly as possible’

Energy and Climate Minister Nick Hurd has insisted the UK will ratify the COP21 climate deal “as quickly as possible”. Speaking at a climate change event in London yesterday, he said: “Please be under no illusion, we will ratify Paris and we will do it as quickly as possible. Of course Brexit changes so much. The […]