Major North Sea pipeline shut down enters fourth day

A major North Sea pipeline remains shut down for the fourth day after an oil leak was found in one of the platforms. The leak on the Cormorant Alpha (pictured) led to the evacuation of 71 workers on Saturday as the Brent pipeline closed down. Abu Dhabi based owner and operator TAQA said the oil […]

Pipeline re-opens after North Sea leak resolved

A large pipeline in the North Sea which was forced to close this week after an oil platform it runs through sprang a leak has now reopened. The contained leak was discovered on Monday and originally forced neighbouring 27 fields to halt production. The Abu Dhabi owner of the Cormorant Alpha platform (pictured) has announced […]

North Sea oil leak shuts down pipeline

A leak at an oil platform in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland has forced a pipeline and at least eight platforms to close and affected 27 oil fields, it was confirmed yesterday. The leak at the Cormorant Alpha oil platform (pictured) which is located 232 miles offshore from Peterhead and 94 miles from […]