Ofgem’s Centralised Switching Service launches today

Companies are required to complete switching within five working days

Energy supplier collapses ‘could add an extra £164 to bills’

Failures have cost £4.6 billion, according to new analysis

Analysts set winter price cap estimates again on fire!

Just a month away from the announcement of the October price cap, uncertainty in the energy market soars

SMEs ‘could cut bills by purchasing energy jointly with other companies’

Analysts have highlighted the advantages of Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

Price cap forecast to rise to over £3,000

The rise in gas prices will lead to further increases in energy bills in the coming months, according to a report

Price cap predicted to spike to more than £2,900 for the first time

Analysts forecast a further upward pressure in gas prices as Russia cut supplies to more countries

Are cheap energy deals threatened with extinction?

The cheapest fixed tariff energy deals cost £1,700 more than the price cap, according to a new report

“Nearly £20bn in government funding for energy storage is needed by 2030”

Almost 10% of grid capacity will be provided by battery storage by 2030, according to a new report

Analysts unveil new price cap estimates prior to the Queen’s Speech

The Autumn default tariff cap is predicted to be around £2,600

Energy prices to remain ‘significantly above average’ up to 2030

Delays in new nuclear power and closures of existing plants could keep prices at high levels, according to a new report