Government’s failed air pollution cases cost taxpayers £500,000

According to a Freedom of Information release obtained by the Labour Party, the government has spent half a million pounds to fight legal battles

UK Government scrapped rail electrification schemes ‘due to costs’

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling had said journeys could be improved sooner than expected without the need for “disruptive electrification works” due to advances in train power technologies

Efficiency inaction ‘could cost businesses £7.4bn’

If UK businesses don’t take action to manage their gas and electricity consumption, they can expect to pay an extra £7.4 billion on their energy costs by 2019. That’s according to a new report from energy consultancy Inenco, which suggests rising non-commodity costs, expensive carbon pricing and a fall in renewable support scheme incentives mean […]

Ofwat plans to cut water bills by up to £25 a year

Households and businesses across England and Wales are expected to see water bills cut by £25 a year from 2020 to 2025. Water regulator Ofwat said it will set the cost of capital across the sector at a record low of 2.4% – it expects this to have a direct effect on the bills paid […]

Ireland faces huge costs as emissions surge

Greenhouse gas emissions have significantly increased in Ireland, making achievement of Ireland’s long term decarbonisation goals “ever more difficult”. That’s according to the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which revealed the nation saw a 3.5% increase last year. Emissions in the energy sector rose by 6.1%, transport emissions by 3.7% and agriculture emissions by 2.7%. […]

Need more power… need lower costs

Heat and power can be on tap, 24/7, all year round – with you in control. Refgas has spent 10 years perfecting a modular, transportable solution, aimed at industrial and commercial businesses which depend upon security of supply and stable costs for their electricity, heat and cooling. We hear about traditional coal-fired power stations being […]

Trade union calls for transparent decarbonisation

A trade union is calling on the UK Government to be more open about the cost of going green. The call for increased transparency comes after GMB researchers couldn’t establish what the total expense of the Climate Change Act 2008 would be. They provided an estimated cost of £123.6 billion by 2030, based on statistics […]

Nearly 100k Scots escape fuel poverty

Around 97,000 Scottish households have escaped from extreme fuel poverty in the last year. The 4% drop between 2014 and 2015 is attributable to a substantial fall in fuel prices (2.3%), energy efficiency improvements in housing stock (1.3%) and higher incomes (0.6%), according to a new report from the Scottish Government. These figures refer to […]

Decommissioning spending to rise 540% by 2040

Spending on decommissioning offshore oil and gas projects is expected to see a 540% increase by 2040. Annual costs are forecast to rise from $2.4 billion (£1.92bn) in 2015 to $13 billion per year (£10.41bn) during the same period, according to a new report from IHS Markit. More than 600 projects are expected to be removed within the next five years. A further 2,000 will […]

World Bank: Air pollution deaths cost world $5tn a year

Premature deaths as a result of air pollution are costing the global economy trillions of dollars every year. A new study from the World Bank found air pollution to be the “deadliest” form of pollution and the fourth leading risk factor for premature deaths worldwide. It put a “welfare cost” – an approach used to […]