‘Russia does have some solution to the UK’s energy crisis’

Coventry University academic Dr Babatunde Anifowose spoke to ELN about Russia’s role in the UK’s energy crisis

‘Humans, the chief cause of the climate changes we are seeing today’

Dr Matthew Blackett, Curriculum Lead, Energy and Environment at Coventry University spoke to ELN about what the IPCC report means for our responsibility to be kinder to the environment

Bacteria to help recycle EV batteries?

New research claims bacteria could be the eco-friendly answer to recycling lithium-ion batteries

Could bacteria eat e-waste? Talk about grabbing a byte to eat…

Coventry University’s Professor of Bio-innovation and Enterprise, Sebastien Farnaud, has talked to ELN about a sustainable way to recover precious materials from e-waste using bacteria

‘Groundbreaking’ research to test EV charging with wireless technology under road surfaces

Small wireless chargers will be installed beneath the tarmac of the road and will ‘communicate’ with technology installed in EVs

David Trujillo
TESS 2019: Could bamboo be the construction material of the future?

David Trujillo from Coventry University will be discussing the topic at The Energy Solutions Show

Coventry to host £30m clean transport lab

A £30 million agreement to build a clean transport laboratory in Coventry has been signed. Coventry University and German engineering service provider FEV inked the deal to spearhead research into advanced powertrain development over the next decade. Researchers and engineers will test and aim to improve the performance and emissions on a range of different […]