“We are seeing less of an uptake of green energy from businesses”

We Spoke to Oliver Kruc, Sales Channel Manager at British Gas Business about the cost of the pandemic on net zero

Ofgem to almost double Covid cost allowance for energy suppliers

The move is expected to recover some of the energy debt created during the pandemic

Chinese COVID tests caused 5.4m tonnes of GHG emissions

This is the carbon footprint of more than 9bn tests taken in two years

Ireland’s energy-related emissions up 5.4% in 2021

They are back to the same level as 2019, with a rebound in car use after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions becoming a significant contributor to the increased emissions

EU greenhouse emissions bounced back

Greenhouse gas emissions rose in the first three months of the year, according to official data

Chinese EV maker overtakes Tesla for global sales

BYD has sold more than 640k EVs this year so far

‘Global energy consumption surpassed pre-pandemic levels’

Primary energy demand soared by 5.8% last year, according to a report

New York announces $567m to help low income households pay off past energy bills

Utilities will be required to provide a one-time credit to customers on low incomes across the state, with the programme expected to benefit more than 327,000 people

IEA: ‘COVID and Russian war halt energy access progress’

Globally, 733m people are without access to electricity

Sky-high prices ‘could speed up energy transition’

Governments need to take more measures to address the energy crisis, new survey finds