Yee-ha! The sheriff’s new crackdown on bad brokers begins

A lone rattlesnake shakes its tail. The tumbleweed blows. Frightened shopkeepers huddle behind closed shutters. At the saloon bar, push doors swing open: the energy brokers are in town. For years it’s been a wild, Wild West out in the energy market when it comes to brokers and TPIs – that’s third party intermediaries, don’t […]

Last chance for say on TPI and broker regulation today

A call for the industry’s thoughts on bringing in new regulation for third party intermediaries (TPI) such as energy switching sites and brokers closes today. Ofgem is looking into the need for rules to govern firms who work as go-betweens between suppliers and consumers in the energy market, after receiving a number of complaints. In […]

Can Ofgem code get rid of energy TPI cowboys?

Ofgem’s review of firms which act as go-betweens for customers and suppliers in the energy sector has been described as “too vague” – but others believe some of their plans would get rid of the “cowboys”. The regulator is carrying out an investigation of third party intermediaries or TPIs – which includes switching websites, energy […]

Crackdown on solar panel ‘cowboys’

A consumer website is launching a crackdown on ‘cowboy’ solar panel installers who use intimidating tactics to sell panels at the wrong tariff level. Renewable energy website YouGen says it began the campaign after receiving a growing number of complaints from concerned consumers. It warns “unscrupulous” installers are trying to cash in on the confusion […]