Crimestoppers calls on public for more help stopping energy theft

Energy theft across the country adds around £20 to the average household’s gas and power bills annually

Energy criminals get cuffed after almost 2,000 tip-offs

An anonymous tip-off service for the public to report energy crime received almost 2000 pieces of information in 2017. Crimestopper’s Stay Energy Safe initiative allows people to ring in and bring attention to issues such as electricity theft, meter tampering or dangerous wiring. It aims to help avoid the financial losses and safety risks that […]

Tip-off service sees energy crime reports double

A campaign from Crimestoppers has seen the number of energy crimes being reported double in the last six months. Since the ‘stayenergysafe’ service was launched a year ago, the independent charity has received more than 2,000 pieces of information on illegal activities such as stealing power, tampering with meters and installing dangerous equipment. The anonymous […]

Tip-off service opens to combat energy theft

A tip-off service has been created to combat the increasing problem of energy theft. As part of Crimestoppers’ ‘Stay Energy Safe Campaign’, the crime-reporting call centre has teamed up with data and governance firm Electralink to open the Stay Energy Safe Helpline. This is a free phone line that members of the public can anonymously call and report suspected energy […]

Energy theft tip off line opens

A tip off service for energy theft has been unveiled as part of Crimestoppers’ Stay Energy Safe campaign. Energy data and governance firm ElectraLink has opened the Energy Theft and Tip Off Service (ETTOS). It’s the first time the industry has joined with an external body to work on a customer facing project of this scale. ETTOS will […]

Crimestoppers help to combat energy theft

Hundreds of millions of pounds are being wasted because of energy theft in the UK – particularly in the North East. That’s why Crimestoppers – the charity which helps the police solve crimes – is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of meter tampering and energy theft. It is part of an […]

‘Stop and searches’ to crack down waste crime

A taskforce from the Environment Agency set up stop and searches and visiting waste sites yesterday to crack down on waste crime that undercuts legitimate businesses and affects local communities. Given the code name ‘Operation Cyclone’, it aims to stop the supply of waste to illegal sites, gather intelligence and encourage people to report the […]