Sunny lessons from school solar project

Twenty schools around the UK are getting a helping hand to bring a little sunshine into their schoolrooms. Renewable electricity firm Good Energy announced today it is backing a project which helps schools crowd-fund the cost of getting solar panels. Called Solar Schools, it is run by carbon cutting campaign 10:10 and will hand out […]

Shetland group ‘crowdfunds’ to bring down Viking wind farm

Shetland Island residents opposed to a large wind farm hope to raise £20,000 from public donations to help their cause. They have launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a Judicial Review into Scottish energy ministers’ decision to grant consent for the Viking Energy wind farm. Opening for donations for two months on, the group […]

Dutch wind turbine co-op ‘breaks crowdfunding world record’

A Dutch company claims to have broken the world record for crowdfunding after it raised €1.3 million (£1.09 million) for a wind turbine co-operative in just 13 hours. The 6,648 ‘wind shares’ were sold by Windcentrale to 1,700 households at €200 (£168) a pop. For the next 12 years ‘windsharers’ will receive their own sustainable […]

Brits invest £700,000 in 35 days for two solar projects

Householders in the UK have invested more than £700,000 in just over a month to fund two solar projects in the country. Abundance Generation, a crowdfunding platform, claims it raised the amount in just 35 days for solar panels installation in schools and on new build housing. People can invest as little as £5 and […]