EU backs 100MW solar project in South Africa

A solar power project in South Africa is getting a major boost as the EU bank is providing funding worth R1.4 billion (£77m). The 100MW Ka Xu Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant, located in the Northern Cape, will have an integrated storage system which can store excess energy during off-peak hours and dispatch it when […]

US awards $10m for concentrating solar energy storage

Six new research and development projects that will help advance concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies have been given $10 million (£5.9m) in total by the US Government. CSP technologies use mirrors to focus and concentrate sunlight onto a single point where it is used to heat up a liquid, produce steam and turn turbines to […]

New $30m US fund for solar research projects

A $30 million (£19.7m) programme to develop new cost-effective solar energy technologies is soon to be launched in the US. The US Department of Energy announced the fund from the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) will be made available to engage the nation’s top scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to research and develop new solar technologies. […]

Spain reigns Europe’s plains for concentrated solar power

Spain clearly reigns in Europe when it comes to concentrated solar power as new figures show more than 99% of the continent’s projects are situated in the sunny nation. Concentrating solar power (CSP) plants use mirrors or lenses to reflect the sun’s rays onto a single point where it is used to heat up a […]

USA knocks China off top renewable perch

The United States has knocked China off the top perch in a table which ranks nations on how attractive they are for renewable energy investment. The US reclaimed the top spot in Ernst&Young’s latest Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices (RECAI) after surprisingly losing out to China a couple of years ago. China dropped into second […]