From CSR to ESG: How your business should be reporting sustainability

2020 has brought into sharp relief the importance of sustainability. Businesses of all sizes are under scrutiny to play their part as the UK looks to reduce its emissions to net zero by 2050.

CSR is a thing of the past: Why more businesses need to invest in ESG

Right now, businesses are under more scrutiny than ever. Processes, suppliers, materials, and policies often have more of an impact on consumer actions than a finished product, and that’s not a bad thing.

Four in 10 SMEs ‘never offered help to cut energy bills’

Four out of 10 small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) have never been offered any help or advice on how to reduce their energy bills, new research claims. Nearly a fifth of the 100 SMEs quizzed also don’t know what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is and have “no time” to act on cutting their carbon emissions. […]

Why go green? To save money, say businesses

Businesses across the globe are moving towards more sustainable practices in an effort to drive down costs, according to a new survey. Cost management is the key driver for firms adopting environmentally and socially sustainable business practices, it found – followed by customer demand and because it’s the “right thing to do”. More than 2,500 […]

Spend on energy efficient buildings will tower at £565bn

Commercial building owners and managers are predicted to spend a total of $969bn (£565bn) making their sites more energy efficient by 2023. Eric Bloom, principal research analyst with Navigant Research which made the prediction said: “Led by the Asia Pacific region, the global market for energy efficiency commercial building retrofits is expected to grow at […]

CSR, what CSR? “Good” corporates more likely to go bad finds study

Businesses which shout the loudest about being socially responsible could be more likely to end up doing something irresponsible, suggests a recent study. Adopting the idea of “CSR” or corporate social responsibility is common practice for big firms these days but an article published in the journal Personnel Psychology claims this could lead to complacency. […]

Guest Blog: Ben Dhesi – for once, power to the tenants!

Landlords and tenants are never the easiest of bedfellows. Rent isn’t the only grievance which crops up time and again – who could forget energy bills? Take the case of a tenant I recently worked for, who wanted me to review their energy supply costs which they received via their landlord. They were in the […]

Schneider Electric crunches big data

What energy issues do businesses face – and when it comes to carbon number crunching, are they living up to their green commitments? ELN reporter Vicky Ellis gets the lowdown from Martin Stephenson, Vice President of Schneider Electric’s Energy Management Services at this year’s Energy Event in Birmingham.

Lord Redesdale: Energy managers need qualifications

Energy managers need to be trained and get qualifications as the industry lacks standards. That’s the view of Lord Rupert Redesdale, who recently launched the Energy Managers Association (EMA) to encourage people get formal training in energy management. He claims 95% of people who call themselves energy managers have no formal qualification in management. He […]