Middle East energy “more vulnerable” to cyber attacks

The Middle East’s energy sector is “more vulnerable” to cyber attacks than the rest of the world, it was claimed this week. There’s “insufficient” awareness of the threat from government and firms, little investment in cyber defence and unlike the US and Europe, no cyber security strategy is in place yet, according to an expert […]

Health and safety tops oil and gas industry’s risk agenda

Health, safety and environment are at the top of oil and gas industry’s risk agenda, according to a new report. Regulatory compliance, price volatility, increase in costs and inflation and energy policy uncertainty also falls in the top five risks this year identified by oil and gas industry executives, according at Ernst & Young. The […]

Blog: The internet threat to energy networks is hacking unbelievable

You could reasonably assume that a power station is fairly impregnable. Those hulking dull-silver or concrete buildings fenced around with brick walls or barbed wire, stringent personnel checks on people entering the premises, restricted access to critical areas. That may have been shown up by the recent exception when anti-gas activists broke into EDF’s West […]