Space-based solar: China starts to planet!

The solar panels of the future could harness the sun’s energy directly from space. That’s according to Dan Lewis, Energy Policy Adviser to the Institute of Directors (IoD) and CEO of Future Energy Strategies, who spoke to ELN at our Energy Live Future Conference in Leicester last week. He said: “We’re going to start accessing space […]

Energy Live Future: Far out energy

Our Energy Live Future conference is happening tomorrow! Join us and more than 200 energy end users at the National Space Centre in Leicester to learn more about how energy will be generated, traded and delivered in the future. The day’s sixth and final session at 15:00pm will centre around space, which experts say could prove […]

Guest Blog: Dan Lewis – Stop drinking the Smart Meter Kool Aid

As Amber Rudd settles in at DECC, there will be a very large file sitting on her new desk marked ‘smart meters’. Two years late and 40% over budget, the planned instillation of millions of smart meters in homes across the UK is the largest infrastructure project of this Parliament but it has so far […]