US nuclear weapons plant goes green

The only plant for assembling and disassembling nuclear weapons in the US has become a construction site for what could be home to the “largest” federally-owned wind farm. The wind project at the Pantex Plant (pictured) in Amarillo, Texas will have a total capacity of 11.5MW, generating around 47 million kWh of electricity every year […]

US and Czech Republic’s joint nuclear centre in Prague

The US has joined forces with the Czech Republic and signed an agreement for a joint civil nuclear co-operation centre in Prague. It will facilitate joint programmes and support regional initiatives in the fields of nuclear energy and security and is part of the nations’ plans in expanding their energy collaboration. The news follows US […]

Obama ups US energy budget to $28bn

US President Barack Obama has proposed a $28.4 billion (£18.5bn) budget for the US Department of Energy (DoE) for the fiscal year 2014. The figure is an 8% rise from 2012, which includes increased funding for the DoE’s clean energy projects by more than 40% above the 2012 level. Mr Obama also set two new […]