AI takes over at Google’s data centres

The technology firm is using the technology at a number of its facilities to optimise energy consumption

Glacier-powered data centre makes pretty cool energy savings

The Lefdal Mine Data Centre is built in an old Norwegian mine and uses hydropower and wind energy to keep its servers running

Microsoft sinks sea-cooled data centre off Orkney coast

Project Natick is powered by renewable energy from the European Marine Energy Centre

Data centre cools off with quiet, efficient fans

A low noise, high efficiency fan system has been installed at a data centre in Germany. Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand RC, has supplied the units to cool the proRZ facility in Munich. proRZ helps plan and develop data centres for other businesses – this one is owned by the […]

New UK data centre to better inform green decisions

A new UK data centre aims to better inform decisions in sustainability and a range of other areas. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is opening the Data Science Campus in Newport today, as part of a £17 million investment in statistics announced last year. The site will use new data sources and technologies to provide richer real-time statistics for policymakers and businesses […]

Facebook to build green data centre in Denmark

Facebook’s new data centre in Odense, Denmark will be fully powered by renewable energy. It will be the company’s eighth facility of its kind worldwide and the third outside the US. It will even use the cold Danish climate to cool its server rooms instead of air conditioning – cooling often uses as much as half of the power […]

Microsoft sails ahead with new wind projects

With two new investments, Microsoft has made its biggest wind energy purchase yet. The acquisition of a combined 237MW of wind generation means the technology company now has over 500MW of wind power in the US alone. It aims to power its energy intensive data-centres from 100% renewable sources to create a responsible and green cloud network. Microsoft has agreed with Allianz Risk Transfer […]

UK-Malaysia project to develop green data centres

A UK and Malaysian consortium aims to develop the next generation of green data centres. They will improve their sustainability by changing the way data centres are cooled with the help of innovative technologies. The consortium is made up of clean cold technology company Dearman, Green Data Centre, Heriot-­Watt University and University of Technology in […]

Free EU tool to design efficient data centres

An EU-funded research project has launched a free online tool to help design energy efficient and renewable data centres. Data centres are large networks of computer servers used to store, process or distribute large amounts of data. They typically use a lot of energy. The RenewIT tool is designed to help operators, designers and stakeholders maximise the sustainability […]

Data centres lack energy efficient measures

Nearly half of EU companies don’t have a system to measure the environmental impact of their data centres. That’s according to a survey by The Green Grid, which added 45% out of 150 firms admitted they don’t have energy efficiency goals in place for the design and operation of their data centres. Only 29% of respondents said they […]