Guest Blog: Jon Slade – Mind the gap: the need for better data management in energy

The drive for greater transparency and improved customer experience – along with cheaper bills – are at the heart of the unprecedented scrutiny facing energy suppliers. Despite industry initiatives to reduce the number of tariffs on the market and make energy simpler, customers still bemoan inaccurate bills and lengthy switching times. The biggest problem holding […]

Accenture and Siemens team up on smart grid business

Digital strategy and operations company Accenture is joining with engineering group Siemens to start a smart grid company. Called OMNETRIC, it’s offering utility companies ways to manage data and their business operations to improve energy efficiency, grid operations and reliability. It will combine technologies from managing electricity distribution to real-time grid operations with IT systems. […]

IT firms drowning in paper

While many in the IT industry talk up their green credentials and the carbon-cutting services they offer, it seems that swathes of forests are still being chopped down to keep these companies running. A survey by document management software company Version One found that 86% of senior IT professionals are still reliant on paper records, […]

CRC-suitable software proves elusive

Finding software capable of delivering the data management needs of the CRC is becoming energy managers’ quest for the Holy Grail. And in the absence of a one-size-fits-all system, many companies are persisting with Excel, which was last week was branded “not fit for purpose” for carbon management. The CRC Energy Efficiency Summit heard from […]