Inenco More Than Y Report – Energy Management Strategy

Watch Dave Cockshott of Inenco’s 5 minute video giving you the lowdown on: • Planning out a long-term, effective energy management strategy • Considerations to ensure you get it right for your individual organisation • Selecting the right partner for different solutions • Making the most of the ESOS obligation • Building the business case, […]

Guest Blog: Dave Cockshott – ESOS: Just another case of ‘same old, same old’?

Dave Cockshott is Director at Inenco Group. Another year, another new piece of energy legislation for businesses. In the past two decades I’ve worked in the energy retail business, I’ve witnessed the market transform beyond recognition and I can confidently say it has not all been good for businesses. The reason for my nostalgia is […]

Energy a bigger risk for business than health and safety

Businesses rank energy as a greater risk to them than health and safety, credit and security, according to a new white paper. And a key strand of that energy risk is reputation. Dr Samuel Fankhauser of the London School of Economics, which put together the white paper with npower, said: “Reputation, as talked about in […]