From the Archives – Sir David Attenborough on green energy project

The BBC has released a trailer for Blue Planet 2, so we look back to 2015 when Sir David Attenborough spoke exclusively to ELN about The Global Apollo Programme to make renewable energy more cost effective.

Construction of research ship ‘David Attenborough’ starts

The construction of the UK’s new £200 million polar research ship, Sir David Attenborough, has officially started today. It will explore the deep waters of the Antarctic and provide a research base to help scientists tackle issues such as climate change, future sea level rise and the impact of environmental change on marine life. Mr Attenborough, a […]

Attenborough: Solar energy should undercut oil

Solar generation should be developed and undercut the price of energy from oil and coal. That’s according to English broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough. He said: “The signs are good. We’re not asking for something really extraordinary we’re suggesting the developed nations of the world, with good research and scientists, should get together and solve the […]

David Attenborough backs green energy project

The world’s leading naturalist Sir David Attenborough has given his backing to a global scheme to boost renewable energy. The Global Apollo Programme was launched in London yesterday. The scheme is a worldwide initiative to try and make renewable energy forms cheaper than fossil fuels and to encourage their uptake. Speaking exclusively to ELN at […]