Who has the energy to tackle bad air?

Energy Bill has extensive experience working for suppliers, TPIs and other energy companies. Still employed in the industry, he writes exclusively for ELN on the energy issues of the day. Asthma did for my sports career. That’s what I tell myself. It couldn’t have been down to a lack of talent. After all, I have […]

Rumours of Tory pledge to cap onshore wind farms

Prime Minister David Cameron may include a pledge to limit the number of onshore wind turbines that can be built in the Conservative’s next election manifesto. Rumours spread today after a senior Tory source told the Guardian newspaper that Mr Cameron is “of one mind” with party members opposed to onshore wind farms. The source […]

Energy UK: Binding national EU renewable targets inappropriate

The trade body representing the energy industry is calling on the Government to continue to push against an EU 2030 national renewable energy target that will be legally binding. In a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, Energy UK said its members believe it is “inappropriate” to set binding national targets for renewables or energy […]

PM: Man-made climate change is “serious threat”

Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to distance himself from climate change deniers in his party by describing “man-made climate change” as “one of the most serious threats” that faces the country. He was prodded into the remarks today by the Labour leader Ed Miliband during Prime Minister’s Questions. The Prime Minister was asked if […]

Cameron slammed for “wooing” oil and gas

David Cameron was roundly ticked off by green groups yesterday for “wooing” oil and gas. As the Prime Minister vied with Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond to keep the sector on his side of the independence referendum debate, some suggested he was too quick to drop climate change concerns. The Coalition leader recently admitted he […]

Shell carbon capture cash signed off by Cameron

A project to trap carbon emissions at the Peterhead gas plant in Scotland was officially awarded funding by the Government today. An exact amount wasn’t revealed but it’s a portion of the £100 million pot put towards CCS research at Peterhead and another project, the White Rose. Prime Minister David Cameron and the Deputy Prime […]

Oilfields new battlefield for Scots’ independence

The North Sea’s oilfields have become the latest battlefield in the fight for Scottish independence. Today Prime Minister David Cameron and Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond were both in the country to make their case to the oil and gas sector. Over the weekend Mr Salmond opened the attack by announcing a new Energy Department would […]

Blog: Cameron cuts red tape for coal pit ponies – finally!

Scrapping is such a strong, manly word – it’s a doing man’s word, a militaristically orderly word. So no wonder it rolled off David Cameron’s tongue so smoothly on Monday morning, as he refreshed his campaign to ditch cumbersome red tape. The environmental rule book, he declared, will be slimmed down by some 80,000 pages […]

Fears red tape purge could “scale back environmental ambition”

The Prime Minister’s target of scrapping or amending more than 3,000 environmental regulations has led to fears the Government may end up “scaling back” its environmental ambition. The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) which represents hundreds of firms in the environmental technologies and services sector warned a billion-pound market was at risk. Matthew Farrow, the EIC’s […]

Cameron refreshes pledge to slash green regulations

Prime Minister David Cameron refreshed his promises to trim green regulations to make it “easier and cheaper” for businesses to meet them. In a speech to the Federation of Small Businesses’ conference in London today, he said he wanted to encourage people wanting to set up their own enterprise but who might have been “put […]