Guest Blog – The jury is out on BEIS but are we any closer to long term certainty?

If one thing has been certain in the energy industry over recent years, it’s uncertainty. The past two months alone have brought a flurry of change, from the Brexit referendum outcome to the whirlwind in Westminster of a new Prime Minister and the creation of a new government department, signalling the end of DECC and […]

Inenco More than Y Report – Brexit

David Cockshott Chief Commercial Officer at Inenco talks us through the potential energy implications of Brexit

Inenco More than Y Report – The Budget

David Cockshott Chief Commercial Officer at Inenco explains what the Budget means for businesses.

Inenco More Than Y Report – Will tighter power margins impact prices?

David Cockshott, Chief Commercial Officer at Inenco gives his views on whether security of supply is an issue this winter, if tighter margins will impact prices and what businesses can do about it.

Inenco More Than Y Report – 23rd June 2015 – P272

Are you ready for P272? Will it affect your meters and what does it mean for your business?

Guest Blog: Dave Cockshott – MOPping up the benefits of settlement change

You’ve probably heard rumblings recently about a new ruling called P272. Not a particularly snappy title is it? Well, whilst it may not have been given a very meaningful name, it’s a ruling that will affect around 160,000 business meters and could have some significant cost implications, so it’s important to get to grips with […]

Shake up at top of npower

npower’s David Cockshott, formerly Director of Industrial and Commercial Markets, has moved to head up the energy company’s Domestic Markets business, looking after its 6.2 million residential customers. Giuseppe Di Vita, Director of Customer Markets, was full of praise: “Thanks to David’s customer focus, the I&C business has gone from strength to strength including the […]