Government faces uphill struggle to hit emissions targets?

The Government could face an uphill struggle on reining in the nation’s carbon emissions in future, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) suggested today. The UK is obliged under the Climate Change Act to cut emissions by 80% by 2050 and a series of “carbon budgets” setting out ways to achieve this have been set […]

Scotland praised for “good progress” on climate targets

Scotland appears to be rolling up its sleeves to protect its picturesque countryside, as today it was praised for its “good progress” on its climate change efforts by the Government’s independent authority on climate change. In a report published by the Committee on Climate Change, the nation was described as “continuing to lead the UK […]

‘Urgent’ changes needed to meet carbon targets

The Government needs to ‘urgently’ drive major change in order to meet future carbon targets, according to the Committee on Climate Change. In its new report, the Committee said despite greenhouse gas emissions falling by 7% last year, only 0.8% of it was directly linked to carbon cutting measures. David Kennedy, Chief Executive of the […]

The Energy Bill – Taking control of our energy?

With the Eurozone debt crisis worrying the business community, will the Energy Bill help firms take control of their energy use? Or just set us up for a costly “dash for gas”?

Reaction to the Draft Energy Bill

Leading industry figures give ELN their take on the Government’s latest draft Energy Bill.

Scotland makes good progress in emissions reduction, report suggests

Scotland has made increased investment in renewable forms of electricity and good progress in buying more energy efficient vehicles, according to a new report. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published its first progress report today following Scotland’s aim to tackle climate change in reducing emissions by 42% by 2020. The country saw a likely […]

Bioenergy is ‘crucial’ to crack 2050 targets

Bioenergy needs to play a bigger role in cutting UK emissions, claim the Government’s climate change advisers. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC)’s review of bioenergy, released today, suggests that more of the “controversial” energy source will be needed to meet 2050 emissions targets than was previously thought. Bioenergy comes from combusting solid, liquid or […]

Climate Change Committee backs EMR measures

Today’s electricity market reforms have won the backing of the Committee on Climate Change. Chief executive David Kennedy said the ‘four pillars’ unveiled by Chris Huhne this afternoon “should bring forward required investments in clean power generation technologies over the next two decades, and limit price impacts for consumers”. The CCC’s recent report on the […]