Sir David King: UK global leader in reducing carbon emissions

The UK is recognised globally as “a leader” in reducing carbon emissions. That’s according to Sir David King, UK Special Representative for Climate Change, who was speaking at the EU’s Copernicus’ launch of new data to help the energy and water industries yesterday. He told ELN: “I think it’s generally recognised that Britain leads the way. […]

UK energy needs "essential" new nuclear

Ramping up nuclear power in the UK is “essential” for keeping the lights on. This is according to new research from Oxford University’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (SSEE), which claims a £100 billion, world-leading nuclear industry can be achieved. The SSEE says remodelling the UK’s energy infrastructure is “urgent”, with nuclear playing […]

Tequila- worming its way into biofuels

One of the biggest issues facing the production of low carbon biofuels are the effects production can have on the biodiversity on agriculture. That is set to change, as scientists in the UK have have identified a plant that will deliver a shot to the arm of the biofuel industry; the Agave plant, more commonly […]

Need for nuclear in UK has never been stronger says David King

Despite the events in Fukushima in Japan, the case for a new nuclear programme in the UK has never been stronger. And Britain could realise a £10bn economic opportunity through adopting a new approach to nuclear that would tackle concerns over security of supply, rising oil prices and safety issues. That’s the conclusion of a […]

Arup chief pulls plug on electric car optimism

Doubts have been cast on the potential success of electric cars by the energy director of global consultancy Arup. John Miles said that electric cars faced several hurdles, the biggest of which was their price. “How do you convince people to spend £20k on a car that they currently pay 10k for? The cost is […]