‘I wouldn’t be too worried about fracking under my house’

Never mind earthquakes – a top geologist has told reporters at a scientific briefing held by DECC it’s actually climate change which should be the issue that decides the fracking debate. The briefing is part of an effort from the DECC to demystify the process of shale gas extraction after a month of attention-grabbing anti-fracking […]

Frack on: shale gets go ahead, despite earthquake risk

The controversial shale gas industry has effectively been given the green light by the UK Government, despite warnings from an independent report which found that fracking, the process of extracting shale gas, was responsible for earthquakes in Blackpool last year. The government-backed panel is recommending a series of new, precautionary measures to the shale gas […]

Government misinformed over need for new nuclear, claims report

A trade association has alleged the Government may have been misled in determining their future energy policies by information on nuclear power that could be inaccurate. The report by Unlock Democracy and ACE, a trade association for energy efficiency and insulation companies, says Parliament needs to re-open the nuclear debate: “there is absolutely no need […]

DECC chief scientist: renewables offer value for money

Developing renewable energy saves each person in the UK £84 a year compared with gas and coal, according to DECC’s chief scientific adviser. Trade body RenewableUK yesterday welcomed his comments as a “timely reminder” that low carbon sources of energy are “financially prudent”. This comes as government yesterday revealed companies have invested £2.5 billion in […]