UK University wins £6m for energy storage research facility

The University of Birmingham has been granted a £6 million fund to create a new facility to support research into energy storage technologies. Cryogenic energy storage systems – which uses liquid nitrogen to store and release energy – use off-peak electricity to liquefy air. The cryogenic liquids that is formed is stored in a vessel […]

UK scientists plan world-beating “ultra-large” wind turbine blade

Scientists hoping to create the longest blade in the world for the next generation of wind turbines took another step closer to realising their dream this week. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has signed a £15.5million contract with the Isle of Wight-based blade developer Blade Dynamics to work on “ultra-large” blades stretching between 80 to […]

Tech savvy cities will become more sustainable

Computer heavyweight Intel is set to invest $40 million (£25.5m) in a worldwide network of research centres, which includes collaborating with Imperial College and UCL in London. The global technology firm wants to improve computing solutions to enhance the sustainability of cities. Justin Rattner, Intel chief technology officer said: “In 2050, most of the nine […]

Government pledges millions toward climate research

The Government today invested £60 million in the Met Office Hadley Centre’s Climate Programme to support “mitigation and adaptation actions”. The funding is aimed at improving collaborations between the Met Office and UK academic institutions, as well as to help Government, business, local authorities and other organisations understand the threats and opportunities of climate change. […]

Universities win £11m to cut carbon emissions

A string of English universities won a total of £11million to cut carbon from the Revolving Green Fund (RGF). The funding is meant to help projects at 27 universities reduce CO2 emission by around 229,000 tonnes per year. The RGF scheme “recycles” money saved by the energy efficiency measures in past projects. Run by HEFCE […]

Climate change ‘supercomputers’ get £19m from government

Climate change “supercomputers” are getting a chunk of a multi-million pound fund pledged by the Government to improve the country’s “e-infrastructure”. E-infrastructure refers to data storage, faster networks and large, high-performance supercomputers. David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science said that the scheme, which is giving £158million to UK scientists and businesses, was proof the […]