M&S trials refrigeration unit to freeze emissions

The technology is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by up to 95%

Carbon emissions cool off with Unilever partnership

The liquid nitrogen-based engine proved to be cheaper, quieter and greener than equivalent diesel versions

Freezing pollution from freight on the cards

Zero emissions refrigeration systems on lorries could cut pollution from such trucks by more than 90%, claims new research. The study by Dearman, a clean cold tech company, says fitting a Euro6-standard 17-tonne rigid body truck with a zero-emission refrigeration system, as opposed to a diesel-powered unit, would cut the vehicle’s overall emissions of particulate […]

Engine for air-powered truck drives on apace

Engineers say a new engine powered by liquid air could be ready to test by the summer. Dearman engineering firm claims it could replace typical diesel engines, saving truck operators thousands of pounds in fuel costs. Engineers will test the Dearman Engine’s zero-emission cooling and power on a refrigerated truck during 2014, before moving to […]