Industry first: 1.2MW UK tidal power system decommissioned

The SeaGen tidal system was installed in 2008 and became the first commercial-scale, electricity generating and grid connected project of its kind in the world

UK’s first offshore wind farm retires

The Blyth Offshore Wind Farm was built in 2000 and has now reached the end of its life

World’s first offshore wind farm retires

The oldest offshore wind farm in the world is being decommissioned after 25 years of service. DONG Energy has decided to retire Vindeby, located near Lolland in the south east of Denmark. It consists of 11 wind turbines which were connected to the grid in 1991, generating enough electricity to power around 2,200 households. In […]

Shell seeks exemption to North Sea clear-up rules

Shell wants to abandon steel and concrete structures as large as the Empire State Building when it decommissions one of the biggest oil and gas fields in the North Sea. Regulations demand all traces of oil and gas production are removed although exemptions are allowed if removal is deemed too difficult or environmentally damaging. Shell […]

Veolia to decommission Norwegian oil platform

Veolia Environmental Services has won a contract to decommission a 14,000-tonne oil platform in the Norwegian North Sea. The Yme rig will be dismantled and recycled at the Lutelander site in Norway when it arrives mid next year. Veolia aims to recycle 99.7% of the material such as metals, iron, steel and electrical items from […]

Toxic water leak at Japan’s nuclear plant

Radioactive water was found leaking at Japan’s tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant earlier today. A statement released by the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), said the contaminated water could have leaked into the ground from one of the plant’s storage tanks. The underground tanks store radioactive water that has been used in the plant’s cooling […]