US Senate passes ‘largest investment ever’ in combating climate crisis

The bill is believed to lower consumers’ electricity costs and prices for solar panels, wind turbines and EVs

Spain drops renewable projects over financial concerns

The Spanish Government has stopped subsidising renewable projects while it balances its books. The Government said the cost of the reward system was adding too much to the deficit, but halting it did not jeopardise security of supply as a glut of investment in solar and CCGT has left power capacity with comfortable breathing space […]

Deficit reduction hampering green policy

The Coalition’s energy policies for offshore wind are being hampered by deficit reduction, an MP has suggested. Speaking at a fringe event on offshore wind at last week’s Tory conference, Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney worried that “challenge” was in store for the industry. Mr Aldous told ELN: “If you look at the Coalition’s programme […]