‘2022 could be green hydrogen tipping point’

European demand for green hydrogen is predicted to rise from around 9,900 tonnes to 620,000 tonnes a year in 2026

Energy retail market is ‘not fit for a decentralised low carbon future’

A new report hails the way the current energy markets are operating as recipe for disaster

Heat pumps could cost 40% less by 2030

Market competition is predicted to drive heat pump prices down, new research finds

Customer spend on European energy market skyrockets in 2020

Spending on energy-as-a-service type products rose by 53% last year, compared to 46% in 2019, according to new research

‘Nearly 84m EVs will be on Europe’s streets by 2030’

New research suggests that this figure will still make up less than half of all the vehicles on the road

European hydrogen electrolyser capacity ‘to reach 2.7GW by 2025’

New research forecasts Germany will lead the electrolyser market, followed by Spain, Netherlands and Denmark

European energy storage market ‘to double this year’

The €1.8tn European recovery fund is further expected to boost the storage market

Almost 80% of consumers to ‘change their heating habits this winter to reduce bills’

Nearly 45% of homeowners are more likely to monitor energy consumption more closely, according to a new report

Europe’s battery market ‘shrunk year-on-year in 2019’

The market grew by only one gigawatt-hour in 2019, signficantly down on growth in the previous year