National Grid plans for potential energy crisis

The boss of National Grid has unveiled plans to reintroduce the Demand Flexibility Service, urging British households to reduce electricity consumption voluntarily

Electrifying Sundays: British Gas offers 50% discount on electricity in new trial

The energy supplier has invited 150,000 customers to save big on electricity bills during the Sunday power trial

OVO’s scheme pays off: Customers rewarded £150k for energy shakeup!

OVO’s Power Move trial has paid customers almost £150,000 for using energy at greener times over winter

Third-party costs reach record high: Businesses brace for sky-high energy bills

Charges such as Renewables Obligation, Balancing Services Use of Systems and Distribution Use of Systems are set to rise in the coming year, according to a new report

British Gas pays out over £1.8m to customers in payments for energy-saving scheme

British Gas has saved 147MWh of energy via its PeakSave scheme since December 2022

Octopus pays out whopping £5.3m to customers for flicking off switches

Octopus Energy customers have contributed to an energy shift equivalent to turning off more than half of London’s households for an hour

British Gas to triple payments for tonight’s National Grid DFS test event

The move is expected to incentivise customers to shift demand and reduce consumption while helping them save on energy bills

Homes paid for switching off appliances yesterday

British Gas, E.ON Next and OVO and Octopus were some of the suppliers who joined National Grid ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service test event

Where will the unused coal of National Grid’s winter contingency plan go?

Drax power station and West Burton A have been put on standby multiple times this winter to back up Britain’s grid

Is this the UK’s most energy efficient home?

ELN talked to Martin Evans about his home in Hampshire which “uses the grid as a battery”