EU approves UK’s Capacity Market scheme

The Commission said it did not find any evidence that the scheme would put demand response operators or any other capacity providers at a disadvantage with respect to their participation in the scheme

EU approves new emissions limits in Italian capacity market scheme

The changes will prevent coal plants from taking part in the auction, with the first one scheduled to take place later this year

Break the Monopoly: KiWi Power & Resilience Energy Partner to Offer Domestic Demand Side Response

London, November 2018: KiWi Power and Resilience Energy have entered into a strategic partnership so as to deliver a Residential Demand Response proposition to the UK’s Domestic Energy Market.

UK Government launches new Energy Data Taskforce

It will undertake a review of the data landscape, identifying gaps and making suggestions on how data can be used more effectively in the energy system

EU approves Greek support for flexible power capacity

A maximum of 4.5GW is to be tendered via auctions until the end of 2019

European demand response market ‘to grow to $3.5bn by 2025’

It is expected to be aided by advances in Internet of Things-enabled systems

ERDA recommends KiWi Power for Demand Response

KiWi Power Industry Round-Up

EU approves joint capacity mechanism in Ireland and NI

The EU Commission has approved a new joint capacity mechanism for Ireland and Northern Ireland’s energy markets. The move was judged to be able to help ensure security of electricity supply whilst preserving competition and complying with EU state aid rules. Under the capacity mechanism, power plants and other capacity providers will obtain a payment […]

Gateshead district energy scheme to get £1m boost from DSR

A district heat and power project has partnered with a demand response firm and boosted its future revenue by £1 million. Flexitricity will help Gateshead District Energy Scheme gain £60,000 a year from the National Grid by linking it to its network and giving it the flexibility to smooth out peaks and troughs in electricity demand. It will be able to […]

US Governors explore demand response

Some states in the US have been using demand response measures to address peak power problems. That’s because the highest levels of daily demand are increasingly greater than the average level of daily demand which is driving up overall power costs. In addition, states are also experiencing a rapid growth in the use of energy resources […]