Rick Perry sworn in as US Energy Secretary

Rick Perry, the former Governor of Texas, has been sworn in as Secretary of the US Department of Energy (DoE). The climate change denier previously pledged to scrap the department, which manages the nation’s energy policy and nuclear weapons programme, during his failed presidential campaign in 2012. Mr Perry has also previously called for a less regulated […]

‘Sound science will lead US energy decisions’

President Donald Trump’s pick for Energy Secretary has said he will base energy decisions on “sound science”. Rick Perry, former Texas Governor and climate change sceptic, has said he will protect scientists and their work at the Department of Energy (DoE) if he is confirmed as its new leader. He recently blocked a questionnaire from the Trump transition team […]

Next US Energy Secretary ‘denies climate change’

Donald Trump has picked the former Governor of Texas to be the next US Energy Secretary. Pending the approval of the Senate, climate change denier Rick Perry will lead the Department of Energy (DoE), adding to the list of oil-advocates Mr Trump plans to bring into the White House. The move will please the fossil fuel industry, which is keen for further expansion. However, it is likely […]

Energy efficiency standards for TV boxes to save $1bn

Consumers could save more than $1 billion (£0.6bn) on energy bills every year as a result of the new efficiency standards for pay-TV box sets. The US Department of Energy along with a group of organisations have announced non-regulatory standards which will improve the efficiency of set-top boxes by as much as 45% by 2017 […]

Energy efficiency project targets South African businesses

South African businesses are being encouraged to become more energy efficient in a new project launched by the National Business Initiative (NBI). The group which promotes sustainable growth in the country has been awarded £8.6 million by the UK’s Department for International Development to fund its Private Sector Energy Efficiency (PSEE) scheme. It’s hoped more than […]

Wind was fastest growing energy source in US last year

Wind power became the number one source of new electricity generation capacity for the first time in the US last year. According to new reports released by the US Department of Energy, wind energy represented 43% of all new electricity additions and accounted for $25 billion (£16.3bn) in investments in 2012. More than 13GW of […]

Low-cost solar power could save US consumers $20bn

Solar energy could help consumers save more than $20 billion (£13bn) in the US every year by 2050 if price reduction targets are met, according to a new study. Using a detailed computer model of West America’s electric power grid, researchers at the Berkeley University of California (UC) predicted what would happen if the US […]

Small US businesses to save energy with $24m fund

The US Department of Energy has awarded $10 million (£6.57m) to help small businesses implement energy efficiency improvements in a bid to save energy and cut bills. The investment will be matched by at least $14 million (£9.2m) in private sector funding and will be used for six commercial building projects. This includes schools, churches, […]

Microwave efficiency standards to save $3bn on US energy bills

New energy efficiency standards for microwave ovens could help US householders save nearly $3 billion (£1.96bn) on their energy bills by 2030. The US Department of Energy suggests the standards would cut energy usage in standby mode by 75% in microwave ovens without convection features, i.e. one that doesn’t include a fan and by 51% […]

US Government approves second LNG export plans

The US Government has given its approval to export domestically produced liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Texas. The Department of Energy said it has “conditionally authorised” Freeport LNG Expansion and FLNG Liquefaction to export gas to countries that don’t have a Free Trade Agreement with the US. The facility (pictured) on Quintana Island, Texas would […]