Quinoa crops
Could trendy quinoa prove an unlikely climate change saviour?

Scientists in Dubai say it is among a group of crops that could ensure food supply despite soaring populations and worsening water scarcity

Climate change ‘could see quarter of world dry out’

At least a quarter of the world’s surface will dry up if the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement are missed. That’s the suggestion made in a new study published by the UN, which suggests a global temperature rise of 2°C above pre-industrial levels would increase the size of desert areas, lead to more […]

‘Desert-proof’ solar panels developed

European solar supplier REC claims its new solar panel is “desert-proof”. It is unveiling the “bi-facial” solar panel in time for the opening of its new office in Dubai, UAE. The panels were awarded “desert-proof” status for passing a so-called Blowing Sand Test, which measures how well their performance lasts in high temperatures and blowing […]