Petrol and diesel prices to hit new record

RAC has warned that drivers will face “greater pain at the pumps”

UK petrol soars to all-time record price

Petrol at pumps across the UK costs on average 148.02p a litre, according to the latest data

Homeowners to spend $16bn on EV charging by 2026

By 2026, there will be around one billion EV charging sessions, according to a new study

‘Pay per mile’ scheme considered to drive down London’s emissions

A report suggests that a new road user charging system is needed in London by the end of the decade at the latest

Council launches free ‘try before buy’ EV loan scheme for businesses

Businesses in North East England will have the chance to borrow electric vans for up to three weeks

EV sales doubled in a ‘bedeviled’ car market last month

Nearly 21,726 EVs were sold in November compared to 11,118 diesel cars

Diesel pump price breaks new record

Diesel has hit £1.50 a litre, according to the AA

Vattenfall ‘unfreezes’ EV charge for polar temperatures!

The company has trialled the use of an electric truck within the arctic circle

MIT designs hybrid-electric jet that ‘could fly with 95% less NOx emissions’

The aircraft uses technology which claims to ‘clean’ exhaust gases during flight

Transport campaign warns against blanket ban on diesel

A transport campaign is warning against a blanket ban on all diesel vehicles. Greener Journeys believes that would have a “devastating impact” on local communities, leading to a rise in unemployment and social deprivation”. It suggests while Clean Air Zones are vital to addressing air pollution, banning all diesel buses could lead to a loss […]