US Government re-establishes Arctic Energy Office

It will drive collaboration on the Department of Energy’s activities in the Arctic region, including the development of advanced microgrids and nuclear power systems

Fusion energy research granted $17m US funding

It will support experiments, data analysis and computer modelling and simulation of plasma behaviour

US invests $29m in fusion energy technologies

Fusion research aims to copy the process which powers the Sun for a new large-scale source of clean energy on Earth

US takes off with $33m funding for greener aircraft

Funding will be shared by 17 projects that aim to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions for commercial aircraft propulsion systems

US awards $13.5m to capture carbon dioxide directly from air

Funding will be shared over three years by three laboratory-led research projects, which are focused on different major approaches to capturing carbon

US injects $21m into fusion energy research

Funding will support projects which will harness algorithms to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies

US invests $20m to advance perovskite solar energy technologies

The funding aims to investigate how perovskite solar cells can have high performance and low production costs

US announces $64m funding for hydrogen projects

The 18 chosen projects will support the government’s ‘[email protected]’ vision for affordable hydrogen production, storage, distribution and consumption

US invests $100m in energy frontier research centres

They are expected to help accelerate scientific discovery and understanding in energy-relevant fields

Coal power
US commits $122m to establish coal products innovation centres

They will research and incubate mining, processing and purification technologies that are environmentally sustainable