Last load of Scottish nuclear waste arrives in Belgium

A final load of nuclear waste from the experimental Dounreay power plant in Scotland has arrived in Belgium. It’s the twenty-first such set of spent nuclear fuel and it arrived on Boxing Day, according to Belgium’s nuclear regulator, FANC. A shipping container holding three barrels of nuclear waste encased in cement was put into storage in Dessel, at […]

Rig evacuates as radioactive ship goes adrift

Oil workers were evacuated from their North Sea rig last night when a ship carrying radioactive waste went adrift. A fire in one of two funnels on the vessel Parida meant the crew lost control of the ship. Though the fire was extinguished, the crew could not regain power. The Beatrice rig’s 52 workers were bailed […]

Cost of closing nuclear plants likely to rise

The cost of closing and clearing up Britain’s old power stations could go up by billions of pounds. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority released its annual report yesterday which included predictions for spending on the decommissioning over the next century, known as the “Nuclear Provision”. The NDA is tasked by the Government to run the clean-up […]