IEA chief: EU could face bigger energy crunch next winter

Dr Fatih Birol has urged EU countries to prepare “today for next year”

Drop coal or forget the 1.5°C target, says IEA

The global demand for coal has been at record highs for the last ten years, new report has warned

Slow growth in global energy-related CO2 emissions

Global carbon dioxide emissions from energy are predicted to soar by 300 megatonnes this year, the International Energy Agency suggests

IEA: Europe faces ‘unprecedented risks’ over gas supply this winter

The IEA warns that Europe needs to cut the use of gas by 13% in case of a complete Russian pipeline gas supply cutoff

Net zero could be delayed by decades, says IEA

IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol has said net zero could be severely delayed without international collaboration

Are governments still heavily funding fossil fuels?

Support for fossil fuels almost doubled last year, new study suggests

Back to black: coal demand to return to its peak this year

The IEA suggests there will be a global demand for eight billion tonnes of coal to produce power this year

IEA: “Europe set to face supply disruptions in winter, even with gas storage at 90%”

Dr Fatih Birol has said Europe needs to reduce its current gas consumption further to prepare for a “tough” winter

IEA: “Capital spending is insufficient to tackle the energy and climate crises”

Global energy investment is set to increase by 8% this year, the energy forum has estimated

IEA: World added record renewable energy capacity in 2021

The largest renewable energy growth was recorded in China, Europe and Latin America, according to a new report