Blog: Will our AAA credit rating loss push up UK energy prices?

Triple A. No we’re not talking about a dodgy grease-haired boy band, the lesser-known cousin of that butch WWE wrestler or those annoyingly small batteries which you never have enough of to replace the ones in your telly remote. No, triple A or AAA is the top notch credit rating which the UK has, as […]

Will fewer tariffs boost competition?

The jury’s out on whether fewer tariffs will boost competition, as a clash of views on opposite sides of the argument yesterday has revealed. Provisions in the Energy Bill announced will limit suppliers to offering four key tariffs. Commentators like Stephen Littlechild claim DECC proposals are “effectively a tax on competition”, as the former energy […]

Academic fears Ofgem reforms will actually push up bills

An academic has questioned whether Ofgem’s plan for fewer tariffs will mean cheaper energy bills – and warned they could actually have the opposite effect. The energy watchdog unveiled plans for its market shake-up on Friday, which will force suppliers to only offer a maximum of four tariffs each and make their bills simpler. Dr […]