Majority of Brits’ appetite for driverless cars hits the slow lane

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is calling for more driverless car trials on UK roads so people can see the vehicles in action and experience them

Could fully driverless cars hit UK roads this year?

New advanced trials could remove the need for a dedicated driver to be present

Toyota to invest $500m in Uber in driverless car partnership

Technology from each company will be integrated into Toyota’s vehicles and deployed on Uber’s ride-sharing network

UK plans ‘complex’ 200-mile driverless car trial

  A driverless car project is aiming to attempt a complex journey across country roads, high speed roundabouts and motorways in the UK. Dubbed ‘HumanDrive’, the 30-month autonomous vehicle project, which will have no driver input, will use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and emulate a “natural” human driving style. Before being introduced to […]

MPs launch inquiry into UK electric vehicle market

The role of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK’s low carbon transition and as part of the government’s Industrial Strategy is to be investigated. The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee has launched a new inquiry, which will examine barriers to the development of the EV market and the support it needs to progress. […]

New rules take future UK cars up a gear

A new bill outlining new rules for self-driving car insurance and EV charging stations is being introduced today. The Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill aims to help the UK become a world leader in future transport technologies by encouraging their testing and deployment. According to the bill, a single insurance policy for automated vehicles will be […]

Government’s plans for driverless car insurance

The government has proposed to change the compulsory motor vehicle insurance to include the use of automated vehicles (AVs). Following a consultation on driverless cars, the Department for Transport (DfT) said it will make “minimum legislative changes” required to enable the market to develop appropriate AV insurance products. It believes the single insurer model would […]

US says driverless cars will make roads safer

US regulators have said the roads will be safer when cars are driven by machines and not by people. New guidelines announced by the Department of Transportation this week targeted four main autonomous vehicle areas of interest. It outlined safety standards, called for states to come up with uniform policies, clarified how current regulations will be applied and opened doors […]

Ford speeds towards driverless cars by 2021

Ford has announced plans to produce fully autonomous driverless cars by 2021. The cars will operate as part of a taxi hailing service like Uber, although without a driver or back-up steering wheel. Ford President, Mark Fields, said: “Whether you want to do work, whether you want entertainment, those are the types of things we are thinking about as we […]