Working weekend – EDF nuclear plants back online

Four of EDF Energy’s nuclear reactors were plugged back into the UK’s power system over the weekend. It should ease up pressure on the national grid which was facing much tighter margins this winter after the surprise outages of two EDF nuclear plants earlier in September. The reconnections bring to an end three months of inspections […]

“Softer” power prices with nuclear burst

Analysts noted “softer” power prices in the UK’s energy market this morning as a burst of extra nuclear power was made available. The nuclear capacity came from one of the reactors at power plant Dungeness B coming back online with 550 megawatts (MW) last week, with another unit pushed back to restart on Wednesday. Tim […]

The Daily Market Report – 7th August 2014

Find out what’s influencing gas supply, power prices and what you should watch out for in the energy market in the new daily report from Steve Walker, Client Portfolio Manager on the Optimisation Desk at npower.

Dungeness wants to extend safety limit of nuclear core

The operator of Dungeness nuclear power station wants to extend the safety limits of graphite bricks in its core. EDF Energy wants the graphite to be allowed to lose up to 8% of its weight rather than the current limit which is 6.2%. Opened in 1983, Dungeness has a decommissioning date to stop generating electricity […]

Highest UK nuclear output in 8 years for EDF

EDF Energy generated its highest amount of nuclear power in the UK for eight years in 2013. Its French parent company’s annual results published today show it hit 60.5 terrawatt hours’ (TWh) worth of energy in the year just gone. That’s up by 0.5 TWh compared with 2012. What’s more the company plans to extend […]

The Market Report – 10th December 2013

Find out about what’s influencing gas supply, power prices and what you should watch out for in this weekly update on the energy market from Ben Spry, Optimisation Desk Manager at npower. If you are blocked from seeing this video and would like your own download, please email [email protected] .

Frosty winter continues to drive prices higher

Prompt gas and power prices were once again up this week in response to continuing colder than usual winter weather, according to this week’s market report. Magali Hodson, Product and Services Optimisation Manager for npower said prompt prices for gas started the week strong “on the back of increased residential demand as well as generation […]