What are you going to do with all that data?

With the introduction of P272 in April this year, what are businesses going to do with all the extra data from their newly classified half-hourly (HH) meters? HH meters will provide businesses with electricity consumption data every half hour, which means having much more data than you’ve ever had before. For some this valuable data […]

Reducing DUoS Red Band charges

What is DUoS? DUoS (Distribution Use of System) charges are levied by the UK’s regional DNO (Distribution Network Operator) and have a significant impact on electricity costs. These costs go towards the operation, maintenance and development of the UK’s electricity distribution networks. DUoS charges are paid by the end user to the supplier who will […]

Detective work uncovers P272 advantages

Sherlock Holmes says the world is full of obvious things that nobody ever observes – like the opportunity Utilitywise has uncovered simply by choosing the right tariff type. It took some detective work but eventually cost-savings were dragged out of the complexity and confusion cast between pass-through tariffs and all-inclusive tariffs. Also known as a […]

npower’s Wayne Mitchell on electricity costs

How to reduce electricity distribution costs What you pay for energy is not just the cost of the electricity itself.  It includes a number of non-commodity charges. This is something larger business customers know only too well. But what are these other costs – and is there anything you can do to manage them better? […]

Understanding DUoS Charges – free, exclusive webinar

Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges; understand the detail behind these significant charges and the options you have to manage them better. Experts Andy Jenkins, Head of Network Trading, Northern Powergrid and Jon Wisdom, Network Forecasting, npower, are hosting a one hour webinar aimed at energy professionals to update you on the latest news, discuss […]

npower’s Wayne Mitchell’s Blog

Working towards greater predictability for 16% of your energy bill If I had a pound every time a customer tells me they want greater certainty when it comes to forecasting future energy costs, I’d be able to retire. And retire in style if I added the number of times I and my colleagues here at […]