MPs warn on neglected and polluted UK soils

The government’s failure to protect Britain’s soils could put public health at risk and speed up climate change, according to MPs. The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) warns failing to prevent soil degradation could lead to increased flood risk, lower food security and greater carbon emissions. Soil is said to be a “massive carbon sink, storing […]

Views invited on Treasury’s waste policies

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) is inviting additional views on the Treasury’s contribution to meeting waste and recycling targets. It follows an initial call for evidence into sustainability and the Treasury in December last year as well as an audit of the Spending Review for environmental impact. It is seeking more views on whether Chancellor […]

Carmakers challenged on real world emissions

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) is challenging carmakers including Volkswagen on real world emissions. It published its correspondence with Volkswagen today regarding the company’s use of ‘defeat devices’ during emissions tests and the impact on UK air quality. It comes after representatives from Volkswagen UK appeared before the Committee last month to discuss the issue. […]

‘Government should consider diesel scrappage scheme’

The government should consider a diesel scrappage scheme to tackle harmful pollution from cars. That’s the suggestion from the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) in response to Department of Food and Environmental Affairs’ (DEFRA) consultation on air quality. It also stated the Tory administration should ensure changes to the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) announced earlier this year […]

MPs want British fracking put on hold

A group of MPs said fracking should be put on hold in Britain today – as they tabled changes to a law which would let oil companies drill under people’s homes without permission. Four years ago MPs dismissed the need for a moratorium on fracking but nembers of the cross-party Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) have […]

‘Greenest government ever’ gets red card on environment

The UK Government is doing worse at reducing air pollution, protecting wildlife and preventing flooding, a group of MPs have said. The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) assessed 10 areas of environmental policy and gave a “red card” on the efforts made since 2010. The MPs said a further seven green issues deserved a “yellow card”, […]

Slash VAT for recycled products say MPs

Recycled products should have lower VAT to drastically reduce waste, say MPs. MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee also believe the UK should have longer warranty periods for consumer goods and a ban on food waste being sent to landfill. Their new report ‘Growing a Circular Economy – Ending the Throwaway Society’ points to figures […]

MPs open inquiry into 5p plastic bag charge

MPs will look at how best to cut the use of plastic shopping bags in a new inquiry launched by the Environmental Audit Committee. Their main focus will be the impact of the proposed 5p charge on plastic bags due to start in England in 2015. The MPs will examine its potential effect on the […]

MPs ‘have it in’ for big energy users

Claims that firms which use large amounts of energy are making “windfall profits” from Government hand-outs have been branded “misleading” by industry representatives. On Friday, MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee brought out a report which stated a pot of Treasury cash to compensate firms for new carbon taxes needed tighter controls. They suggested the […]

Treasury pot ‘could boost energy users’ “windfall profits”‘

Energy intensive industries which are in line to get £250 million from the Government to counter the cost of emissions taxes must not use this cash to add to “windfall profits”, MPs declared today. The Treasury allotted £250million to firms which have to use huge amounts of energy in their industrial processes in the 2011 […]