Space-based solar power beamed down to Earth

Scientists have transmitted space-based solar power to Earth for the first time using a space-borne prototype called the Space Solar Power Demonstrator

“2001: A Space Odyssey may come true” – without climate action

That’s according to Sci-Fi author Cixin Liu who spoke recently at the UN base

Nuclear power to the moon?

Scientists believe nuclear power could be humanity’s key to living on the moon

How are bananas growing in Iceland?

Geothermal energy is the answer – but that’s not all!

UN: ‘Ozone could be repaired in decades’

This is after the largest hole was recorded in 2000

‘Space could stop 8.8bn tonnes of carbon being emitted’

That’s the entire carbon emissions of the United States – all with the power of satellites

Solar-powered spaceship lands after nearly three years in Earth orbit

The unmanned ship conducted experiments, including harnessing solar rays to be used as energy on Earth

Spraying Earth’s poles with aerosol – the answer to global warming?

Scientists suggest refreezing the south and north poles is possible by spraying aerosol particles into the atmosphere

Oil and gas giants’ carbon projections ‘incompatible with Paris Agreement’

bp, Shell and Equinor’s climate scenarios don’t keep temperature rises to 1.5°C, researchers claim

Does the healthy air worsen global warming?

Research has found that clean air lacks aerosol particles that reflect sunlight and reduce Earth’s temperature