Seismic test
Shale Gas Commissioner resigns after just six months

Natascha Engel claims laws designed to prevent earthquakes and tremors are tantamount to a ban on fracking

Climate change: Extreme weather ‘affected 60m people in 2018’

Earthquakes and tsunamis accounted for the majority of the 10,733 lives lost in disasters last year

Saving lives with solar at Nepal blood bank

Aid charities are building a blood bank in Nepal’s capital city which can withstand earthquake-induced power cuts – with solar panels. Blood supplies need to be kept chilled in fridges but in quake-prone Kathmandu, power supplies are a daily occurrence. Backed by the charity British Red Cross, the Nepalese Red Cross Society is building a new blood […]

Storing CO2 in ground “could cause small quakes”

The technology hailed as bridging the gap between using fossil fuels and renewable energy until clean energy becomes fully mature might not be as fool proof as it is hoped. That’s according to new research which found storing carbon dioxide underground, a central part of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology could cause small earthquakes. […]