Chinese accused of solar tax evasion

European companies have accused the Chinese solar industry of tax evasion. This could mean there are hundreds of millions of euros in lost EU import duties, according to European solar industry initiative EU ProSun. The company has accused China of shipping solar modules and cells to third countries and importing them into the EU to avoid tariffs. China […]

Firms without green measures miss out on business deals

Small firms could be missing out on new business deals by not implementing green measures. That’s according to an energy advisory firm, which claims using an ‘Energy Audit’ could help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) cut electricity, gas and water consumption as well as save them money. It also helps firms prioritise energy saving projects […]

EU emissions auctions timing to change

The European Commission (EC) has proposed to change the timing for auctions of emissions allowances as the market should not be “deliberately flooded”. The news comes after the EU Council approved the UK’s bid to have it own national emissions auction platform earlier this month, with the auctions due to begin at the end of […]

Hendry: Why UK opposes EU plans for oil regulations

The UK Government does not want the EU to take full control of oil and gas operations, the Energy Minister said today. His comments come as the European Commission (EC) proposed the new EU regulations, which have been widely opposed by UK oil and gas industry. The Government believes the UK has already got a […]

UK scientists undertake new nuclear work

Scientists from The University of Manchester have been selected to undertake safety work on the next generation of the world’s nuclear reactors. Named ‘Generation IV’, the new designs for nuclear reactors aim to burn plutonium created from the spent fuel from pressurised water reactors. Improving the efficiency of the fuel cycle will help the UK […]

EU poll finds householders out of touch on waste

Almost 60% of EU residents do not think their household produces too much waste, according to a survey published today. But this is in stark contrast to statistics that show Europeans throw away on average more than half a tonne of rubbish every year. Today’s European Union-backed survey gauged perceptions, attitudes and practices of EU […]