Triodos offers new sustainable UK bank account

Triodos has announced it is offering its first ever personal sustainable current account in the UK. The Netherlands-based bank, which has been operating in the UK for more than 22 years, only lends money to organisations and projects that are making a positive difference to society, be it socially, environmentally or culturally. It lends more […]

Could millennials drive demand for EVs?

More than three quarters (76%) of millennials believe switching to an eco-friendly car is the single best action to drive a more sustainable future. A new survey reveals the 2,500 European millennials – aged 18 to 34 – questioned across the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain are willing to try new things and make […]

Mongolia opens eco-friendly cement plant

A cement plant which will use environmentally friendly technologies has been opened in Mongolia. The Senj Sant facility will use a waste heat recovery power plant, which will help save energy and water. It will produce one million tonnes of cement. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) invested $85 million (£54.4m) in the project. It is […]

Street lights to be replaced with LEDs in Northumberland

Drivers will benefit from a new LED lighting system on the A69 when work begins this week to replace the current street lights. The work is being carried out during the evening to minimise the impact for drivers and will be completed by 16th October. Twenty six new lighting columns are being installed at Bridge […]

Renault wins €400m for eco-friendly project

Car manufacturer Renault has been granted a €400 million (£343m) loan for research and development into affordable and environmentally friendly vehicles. The project is aimed at improving Renault Group’s ecological credentials and exploring the options of making the vehicles significantly lighter by using different materials. Renault is also seeking to develop new concepts for “next […]

Workers in green companies ‘more productive’

People who work at green companies are “more productive” than those who aren’t working in eco-friendly firms. That’s according to a US researcher who looked at how a firm’s environmental commitment affects its productivity. The study found employees in companies that adopt ‘green’ measures are 16% more productive than average employees. Professor Magali Delmas, an […]