Ecotricity green bond expected to raise above £12m

UK green energy supplier Ecotricity has announced its has received applications for more than £12 million of its “ecobond” so far. This is the fourth time the company is offering a green bond which enables its customers and the wider public to invest directly and share in the financial benefits of the firm’s work. “Ecobond four” offers investors a […]

Green bond raises almost £19m

A green energy company has raised £18.5 million through the launch of its recent bond. Ecotricity’s ‘ecobond three’ aimed to raise £25 million to build more green energy projects in Britain. It offered a return of 5.5% a year to investors and 6% to its customers. The money will help finance six new green energy projects […]

Ecotricity exceeds £10 million target for second bond issue

Renewable energy company Ecotricity exceeded their target for a new green bond by over £6 million. The bond works like any other, except the money is invested only in renewable energy in the UK. Starting with a minimum of just £500 of investment, it will have an initial four-year term with a return of 6% […]