Chancellor announces £400 discount on energy bills

This is part of £15bn measures to tackle rising energy prices and the cost-of-living

Carbon hits record price in Europe following COP26

The climate summit has seen the price hike by more than double since the start of the year, as governments look to curb its impacts through new agreements

Discover the History of Environmental Economics With This Complete Timeline

As the world makes a conscious effort towards a more sustainable way of living, understanding how environmental economics impacts our society becomes more important.

‘Three times as much investment in renewables than in fossil fuels over last decade’

That is according to a report by Imperial Business School and the IEA, which suggests a better risk/return profile for clean energy over fossil fuels

Gaia says no! Episode 3 – The Nexus

The Nexus is the point where humans have as much influence as mother nature on the planet. Are we there? If so what will we do?

Economics of petrol and diesel vehicles in ‘relentless and irreversible decline’

That’s the damning verdict from French bank BNP Paribas, which says in terms of transport, the economics of renewables are now impossible for oil to compete with

Carbon reductions from cities, states and businesses ‘could exceed national savings’

Global greenhouse gas emissions could be up to 2.2 gigatons lower if these sub-national efforts are fully implemented

Energy a ‘key growth sector for Scotland in 2013′

The energy industry was a key growth sector for Scotland in 2013. That’s according to a new report by the Scottish Government. Some of the key growth sectors of the economy in 2013 were energy including renewables, sustainable tourism and the creative industries. The energy sector results, which include offshore oil and gas activity, showed […]

Guest Blog Filippo Gaddo – energy efficiency by numbers

January was the month of energy efficiency. The Green Deal went live, ECO started, the Prime Minister even declared that “energy efficiency is essential to economic growth” and that “it would be the greenest economies that would prosper”. Even conservative think-tank Policy Exchange now says efficiency is the way forward to fight climate change. Is […]