Editorial – Price cap dominoes – a losing game for us all?

As another supplier raises to the price cap, is it really going to offer consumers better deals?

Editorial: Labour’s got itself unplugged again

So here we go again. Labour have said they will cap energy company price rises. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s barmy idea when it comes to price rises is to “legislate to control them now” oh yes! Heard that one before? Ed (where he Miliband?) had the same idea before the 2015 elections. It garnered a […]

Editorial – 17 are we coming of age?

So this century turns 17 today. If it was a person, this year could drive a car, donate blood, fly a plane and donate its corpse to science! The century is coming of age and I think it will be the year we really find out what our pathway to low carbon and renewables means. […]

Editorial – Happy Xmas to all our readers

Yes it is that time of year again, you are tucking into whatever feast you desire. Turkey, Goose, Chicken, Lamb, Salmon, Nut roast. At home or in a restaurant. You’ll be opening presents and I guarantee you’ll be plugging something in, whether you are aged 2 or 92. This year I’m having Xmas a day […]

Editorial – Hinkley May-be in serious trouble

Yesterday I was invited to speak on BBC Scotland’s breakfast show about the state of Hinkley after last Thursday’s dramatic halt. In a short debate along with Tony Blair’s former Energy Minister Brian Wilson, a big advocate of nuclear, we touched on why Theresa May pulled the plug on the deal at the 11th hour […]

Editorial – Drones, dodgems and delight on TELCA night 2016!

Thank you. All 560 of you who came to our fourth TELCA party last night. The biggest ever, we had the cream of the broker and consultancy sector in attendance for a night I hope they won’t forget. Luckily this crazy June weather held out and it was a dry evening, so they could enjoy […]

Editorial – Six of the best and plenty more to come!

Today is our SIXTH birthday. We celebrated last Friday with a trip to Ascot. A real fun laugh for the whole team and we managed to leave with our shirts! The races were a metaphor for ELN is some ways, as we have taken a gamble on more than one occasion during the past six […]

Editorial: Steel yourself energy sector for similarly unpredictable times

The news that TATA has said it can’t keep running its UK steel business has been dominating the headlines. Chinese dumping of cheaper steel has been the main cause for its demise and now we have the prospect of a Tory government actually considering re-nationalising an industry to save it! There are weeks of uncertainty […]

Editorial – Do EU think Brexit will stop investment?

Voting. A right we take for granted and something millions around the world still pine for. It’s a little over 20 years ago that black South Africans got to determine their government. The people of Burma only got that right last year. On June 23 we will get to vote on the biggest decision for […]

Editorial – Price cuts are pointless PR stunts

There I’ve said it. What’s the point of price cuts? Just as August is silly season, January is normally price cut/price rise time for the Big Six and anyone else. Today the last of them announced cuts and as ever they are all roughly the same (around 5% this year) and as ever they don’t […]