Switching historic gas street lights to LEDs in Westminster triggers fury

Westminster City Council plans to electrify 299 gas lights across the city by 2023

Abu Dhabi replaces 4,184 streetlights with LED lights

The $3m project is expected to contribute to more than 80% savings in annual energy consumption

Colchester council clips carbon and energy costs

Local authorities in the oldest recorded town in England saved £787,000 on energy bills over four years by rolling out an energy efficiency drive and revamping public buildings. Colchester Borough Council cut its carbon footprint by 2,444 tonnes in the process, 133 tonnes more than a target to lower carbon by 25% from 2006-07 levels […]

Finally! All new buildings must stand up to energy standard

All new houses and buildings in England must have energy saving features such as better fabric insulation and more efficient heating and lighting under rules finally announced today in Parliament. Exasperated energy saving campaigners say the rule was due to kick in by April 2013 and possibly even earlier but conceded it was “better late […]